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Plant-Based vs. Vegan

“Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself.” - L. Wolfe Gilbert

Both a plant-based diet and a vegan lifestyle entail keeping animals off our plates and out of our bodies. However, a plant-based diet is centered on health and eating whole-plant foods (preferably no oil, no processed food).  It’s about eating clean and it’s about health.

Genes are often blamed for our diseases, but it's the recipes that run in our family that are to be blamed.

Veganism is an ethical stance that focuses on contributing the least amount of harm to animals and the planet, within the scope of what is practical and possible. Vegans eat a wide range of foods, that can also include animal-free "junk foods", as health is not the main priority for all ethically-focused vegans.

I find it exciting to constantly read new success stories of people taking control of their health by choosing to leave animal products off their plates. Those who do so often regain their health, feel energized (can even run marathons), live free of (or reduce) medications, and no longer suffer from chronic diet-related diseases and physical pain.

What we put on our plates can be far more powerful than any prescription pill or procedure. The food choices we make can potentially harm or heal us. Most people are confused about what constitutes a healthy diet. This is, unfortunately, a result of the powerful advertising that bombards us daily by the meat, egg, dairy, and fish industries - and has led to misconceptions and myths about food.

People blame their diseases on genes and therefore believe they have no control over their health destiny. While our genes may be our predisposition they are not necessarily our health destiny and in fact, we can redirect with our lifestyle choices. I'm here to educate you and help to transform your nutrition.

As a plant-based coach, when people are choosing to transition to a plant-based diet and doing it gradually (which I don’t recommend – I encourage everyone to dive in), I will always advise them to, first of all, eliminate dairy.  Animal products have cholesterol. There is no cholesterol in plants. Obesity is on the rise; heart disease starts developing in children at three years of age; cancer is on the rise in spite of the ‘war on cancer’; type II diabetes is being diagnosed in young children with the Journal of the American Medical Association stating that about 3,700 new cases are being diagnosed a year.  These conditions are diet-related and there has been great success in reversing or halting the conditions with a plant-based diet and changing one’s lifestyle.

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