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About Planting Kindness


Animals are love

One of the first decisions I made when I learned about the dark world of the food industry, was to take my three children to meet and spend time with rescued farm animals at an animal sanctuary called Farm Sanctuary.  Here we were able to witness firsthand, how all the animals interacted with us. The turkeys loved to follow us around, the chickens all knew their names, the pigs loved their belly rubs and the gentle docile cows loved to be petted.  All the animals enjoyed the attention and quality time we were able to shower them with.

Planting Kindness is my purpose

When we have the opportunity to come up close and personal with these sentient beings, we observe that in all the ways that matter, they are like us. They are no different from our companion animals.  Our perception has been distorted and fed to us by the industries that profit from our not knowing.


Thankfully, I now see with clarity the path that I walk, planting kindness along the way and helping others achieve the same. Planting Kindness was born out of the desire to share that understanding with the world - and to impart the knowledge necessary to support people in their journeys to lead a conscious, compassionate lifestyle.

My goal is to help make your transition to a vegan way of life as seamless and joyful as possible!


Through my involvement in the animal world - and in learning the countless ways in which animals are exploited - I came to understand how our consumption of animals affects us in a myriad of ways.  The resources that are used to feed ‘food’ animals could feed starving children around the world. The damage that animal agriculture does to our environment, our air, water, and land is unfathomable. The deforestation that occurs to raise food animals is at an astronomic scale. Animal agriculture destroys and kills 60-70 billion land animals per year and many other wildlife species. Our pursuit for certain species of fishes, whales, turtles, dolphins, among countless other "untargeted" species in the ocean amounts to trillions of dead sea animals per year - and up to 90%, by-kill.


I learned about the connection between our diet and our health - and how eating plants is the optimal choice for our health.  I've come to know physicians who are now treating patients not just conventionally, but with a plant-based diet. My daughter wrote a book called Rethink Food, where she interviewed physicians from around the globe about the power of plants for healing.  I decided to become certified in plant-based nutrition because I see how the same diet that can heal our relationship to animals and the planet can also heal our bodies. This is why, when we choose to plant seeds of kindness, we are affecting the whole!

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Plant-Based Nutrition Coach and Vegan Educator, Melanie Blake, has created this FREE e-book as a quick and easy way to give you a jump-start on your vegan transition, shopping and meal planning. 

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