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Bowl: Beans + Baby Potatoes

The way to make ordinary food taste extraordinary is simply the herbs and spices you use. The reason people are addicted to animal products is not the actual “food” but the herbs and spices put on the “food” and yes the way it’s cooked. That is grilled, steamed, roasted or baked. This is why it’s easy to make vegetables taste fabulous.

One of my clients favorite snacks is plain baby boiled potatoes. The reason they love them is how I prepare them. I boil them and while warm I rub them with fresh minced garlic, a drop of Veganaise and sprinkle chopped chives. That’s it.

This bowl has:

Sprouted lentils that I simmered in vegetable broth

Grilled barbecue tofu (I had to buy baked tofu as the tofu is sold out everywhere)

Boiled baby potatoes

Lots of greens - all the veggies are on a bed of greens

Baked beans

Raw carrots

Sunflower sprouts

Watermelon radishes

Red onion


Served with vegan "honey" mustard dressing (agave and mustard).

I love to use fresh herbs and I also batch cook. Prepare rice, lentils, beans, cut my vegetables, make sauces and so forth once a week. They can be stored frozen or refrigerated. It saves you time and money.

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